Simplicity is the Best Approach:

When it comes to implementing new technologies or a new way of working, experience has taught us that keeping it simple is the best approach.
Do not over reach, do not over extend your scope, and do not over complicate things. Many a delivery date has come and past without goals being met because the project team tried to do too much too fast. Try advancing your new initiative in small bites, the big bang approach always tends to fail, and usually for the same reason, someone neglected to prioritize change management. 
It is human nature to resist change, and that is usually one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when introducing anything new to a community of end users who are very comfortable with business as usual, even when it will be in their favor to accept the change.
Our experience has taught us that a simple, step by step approach, emphasizing communication, with a well-defined scope and list of objectives usually leads to success in any new project.
Below is the approach we take with the majority of our clients, for seasoned project managers,  there is nothing new to learn, our goal is not to re-invent the wheel, only to have a successful project implementation.

CAMtria 5 Phase Approach

Phase 1

Phase1CAMtria represents top tier AR device manufacturers in Canada. Based on the variety of devices we offer and our years of experience at the AR and the enterprise IT level, we can recommend solutions that would best suit your needs.
Our personnel can offer product demos in both official languages before purchase to make sure that the right solution is selected.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 2Brainstorm with us about your use cases. Take advantage of the multiple experiences we have accumulated with previous clients and avoid most common roadblocks and pitfalls. 
We can advise and train your personnel on the devices and the associated software to help accelerate your implementation.
We help our clients integrate the devices, at an IT and change management level. 
We can also provide ROI and TCO studies to help your business case move forward.
This is the phase where most of the project will come together. We need to define clear project goals and expectations. We need to establish the roles and responsabilities of all key players, internal and external.
Key deliverables:
  • Clearly define goals and objectives
  • Clearly define what is in and out of scope
  • Ensure time and budget estimates are reasonable

Phase 3

Phase 3The proof of concept phase is probably the most important part of any new project implementation. It is during this phase that the project will fizzle out or gain momentum and move forward.
CAMtria can help you move forward with device configuration, training, and help integrate the devices and software into your IT operational framework.
CAMtria also offers short and long term POC rental packages that include pre-configured devices and software to help accelerate the project. This would help you avoid investing time and money on a solution that may not suit your needs and also allows you a chance to try multiple types of devices and software. A credit would be issued towards your purchase if you decide to move forward with your project.

Phase 3

Phase 4

During this phase CAMtria can help secure your devices and arrange to have them configured and delivered on time. We warehouse multiple models to assure that stock is available in Canada. We also work with the manufacturers to properly forecast our clients' needs to avoid shortages and backorders. 
You can also leverage our relationship with multiple software vendors to arrange demos and training.
We can pre-configure the devices at our facility to the desired level:

  • Pre deployment validation of devices and accessories
  • Home screen branding (where applicable) and modification
  • Software pre-install
  • MDM (Foresight or Vuzix App Store) configuration
  • Address custom PPE requirements
  • Help with IT integration
On the project team's side the following objectives should be met:
  • An adequate and clearly-defined training plan with time for knowledge transfer
  • Clear communication to end users throughout the project
  • A plan to assess organizational readiness before go-live
  • A clear definition of the purpose and benefit to the company
  • An understanding of the effects the project will have on different departments and individuals

Phase 5

Phase 5Congratulations on making it this far. If you have reached this phase, that means your project was a success and you are ready to move on to bigger and better adventures. 
You have most likely already set up a support framework for the new technology you implemented, if not, we can help. We can also become your first level of support for these devices offering help in both official languages while leveraging our experience to help solve any problems that may come up quickly and efficiently.
We can also keep you up to date on manufacturer roadmaps and present new models and/or features as they become available.
At this point the project team should have the following in-hand:
  • A well-managed implementation, especially with regard to budget, resources, activities and timing
  • A structured scope change process
  • Documented risks with mitigation steps
  • Clear and consistent communication to all end users
  • Contigency plan for unforseen failures

Phase 5

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