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Enterprise Smart Glasses Solutions

Vuzix smart glasses are designed to enhance the connected worker experience.
Our products are always built around user comfort.


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Major Market Solutions

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Smart Glasses in Tele-Medicine

Smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) are making great contributions in the delivery of medical services.

Leveraging medical expertise is a world problem. Tele-medicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services through technology. Smart glasses are uniquely helpful for tele-medicine use-cases in that the onsite care practitioner can receive live expert interactive medical feedback while simultaneously acting on the feedback with their hands.

A paramedic can now stream directly to a hospital-based doctor without pausing care to the patient. The collaboration can save lives.

Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses now carry IEC 60601-1-2:2014 certification as medical electrical equipment meeting EMC safety standards.



Revolutionizing the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

The benefits of smart glasses are evident throughout the manufacturing industry. This is an industry feeling the effects of a skills gap. Out of approximately 3.4 million manufacturing jobs which will become available over the next decade, only 1.4 million are expected to be filled.

AR smart glasses ease some of the pressure on the manufacturing industry, including in training and continued staff development. Consistent training can be provided through set programs. In the manufacturing process, high accuracy is achieved through checklists and displayed instructions.


Field Service and Remote Assist

Connect with experts from anywhere for faster issue resolutions.

Connecting with experts remotely allows workers to collaborate while away in isolated regions. With this technology, issue resolution is not limited to the availability of experts to travel. People can be contacted based on their expertise rather than location, allowing for a smoother repair, maintenance, or upgrade process.

Remote experts and field service enable remote communities to receive expert help from across the world even with only one person in attendance.

State-of-the-art technology solutions provide how-to guide and instructional videos. The remote experts can help and guide field service personnel by highlighting areas of interest on live video feeds.


Warehouse Logistics

Quicker pick times with fewer errors.

With AR technology, warehouses enjoy a combination of accuracy and human influence for the optimum working environment.

Vuzix smart glasses improve warehousing for staff at all levels. Checklists, pick information and video recording allow for errors to be spotted immediately, enabling a higher level of efficiency. Users benefit from carrying less equipment and leaving both hands free.

Vuzix Teams
Microsoft Teams on Vuzix Smart Glasses

Collaborate remotely using Microsoft Teams

Companion App for your phone

The companion app for Android and iOS enables easy set up and communication between your smartphone and tour Vuzix device (M400, M4000, and Blade). The app benefits from monitoring for your smart glasses, access to apps, and a keyboard.
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Vuzix View

Mirrors and controls the screen of your Vuzix device to your Windows PC or Mac computer.

Vuzix View features the following:

  • View and control your Blade, M400, M4000, M300XL or M300 device from your computer.
  • Use computer keyboard for navigating the device.
  • Take quick screenshots or screen recordings for sharing.
  • Save logs for troubleshooting.
  • Install APKs by dragging and dropping on device for easy installation.

Requires device with ADB debugging enabled. Connect by plugging the device directly into your computer or over the network.

CAMtria is Canada's distributor of Vuzix products

Pre-Sale Service

Introduction to Vuzix products
Discuss use cases
Demo sessions
POC rental packages

Pre-Implementation Phase

Provide ROI and TCO info
Integrating device for POC or Pilot
Training on device use
Training on software use

Implementation Phase

Provide support (French or English)
Help with MDM software onboarding
Address custom PPE requirements
Help with I.T. integration